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10 Skeins Random Dyed Yarns
Each of our 10 packs of yarns are dyed to our own choices of colors or techniques. We are offerin..
3 Month Horror Yarn Club January 2018-March 2018
Club price is $55.00 for all three months. You will receive January, February and March ..
A Boy And His Bow
A Boy and His Bow is a variegated colorway of shades of turquoise and blue, mossy greens and gold..
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Assorted 80/20 Sock Skeins
Please note that the photo shown is representative of some of our previous random skeins Thes..
Atomic Fireball
Atomic Fireball kettle dyed in shades of hot cinnamon red, bright fiery pink and touches of paler..
Atomic Limon
Atomic Limon is very bright. Ok that's an understatement. It's nuclear, atomic, radioactive? Ok t..
Beautiful deep shades of black violet, just like an eggplant! This yarn is a great unisex yarn an..
Autumn Sunset
Autumn Sunset was created as a study in the beautiful and unique colors of Autumn. The yarn carri..
Black Sand Beach
Black Sand Beach is predominantly a deep sapphire and violet blue combination  highlighted w..
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Blue Tang
Blue Tang, a yarn as colorful and bright as the beautiful salt water reef fish we've named it for..
Bunnicula, in dreadfully cute shades of blood red, silver, gray, tan, black and white. Availa..
By The Sea
This beautiful seascape has been created with shades of teal, silvery marine blues, sand and seaf..
Inspirationally dyed from poster art in shades of red, dark to light plum and pinks, tan, golden ..
Canyon Creek Yarn
Canyon Creek was inspired for the colors in a river running through a canyon basin. I used colors..
Columbian Emerald
Columbian Emerald, hand dyed in deep mined jewel toned colors of teals and emerald green and some..