Bohemia Fibers

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Kettle Dyed Tonals Sock Yarn 80/20
Choose your favorite color family and let the magic of my dye kettle create you a skein of sock y..
La Dolce Vita
La Dolce Vita is a gorgeous rendition of abstract art. Blended colors of plum, blues, golden oran..
Lava Lamp
Lava Lamp our psychedelic, undulating, swirling colorway of bright hot pinks, bold magenta, fiery..
Leprechaun Fields
Leprechaun Fields, a playful and bright colorway of shades of deep Irish green with highlights of..
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Little Red Riding Hood
Little Red Riding Hood is running off to her errands deep in the enchanted woods. Hope she has ya..
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Loch Lomond
Loch Lomond, Scotland's famous loch is captured in deep water blues, teals and highland greens. W..
Mad As A Hatter
Mad As A Hatter, in a semi-gradient colorway of tones of fuschia, reds, magenta and burgundy. Thi..
Make Mine Mini
Do you love mini skeins or do a lot of swaps where minis are needed? I can minify for you. I offe..
Maui is a paradise of color, deep marine blues that transition to briny and translucent pale sea ..
Midnight Yarn Club Bloody Mary
October's selection for the Midnight Yarn Club, Bloody Mary. I dare you to hold this yarn in fron..
Midnight Yarn Club Chupacabra
Aprils's selection of the Midnight Yarn Club is the last of the mythical (or are they) cryptids. ..
Midnight Yarn Club Jack The Ripper
September's selection of the Midnight Yarn Club is Jack The Ripper, inspirationally dyed in shade..
Midnight Yarn Club January Season 1 Collage Yarn
The January club selection was inspirationally dyed using colors from two season 1 photos. I used..
Midnight Yarn Club Jigsaw
Jigsaw carries the colors of jet black, dark to light tones of red and med to light tan. This yar..
Midnight Yarn Club Nessie
Nessie, January's club choice of The Lochness Monster and Scotland's legend comes to you hand dye..