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Parting Glass
This yarn is dyed to order and inspired by Beth's song. Parting Glass displays beautiful colo..
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Our Peacock yarn shows a magnificent display of color in brilliant tonal shades of deep teal, sap..
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Penny For Your Thoughts
Inspired by the Governor's daughter Penny,  "Penny For Your Thoughts" carries colors of choc..
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Pink Hi-Lighter
Pink Hi-Lighter, is a very bright fluorescent pink almost the same as a pink-hilighter only bette..
Pookie Knitting Dead Fandom Yarn
Pookie is Daryl & Carol's yarn inspired by Season 4. We were so inspired bythe colors that we..
Rain Washed Violets
Nothing is more beautiful than violets after a soft early Spring rain. We've captured these sweet..
Rainbohemian Hand Painted Rainbow Yarn
Rainbohemian is a beautiful fluorescent rainbow of color. This yarn glows under black light. We u..
Real Men Wear Plaid
This yarn is dyed to order and inspired by Daryl ♥ Real Men Wear Plaid, dyed in variegated de..
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Red Eyed Tree Frog
The red eyed tree frog is such a colorful tropical frog, we had to recreate him in yarn. Dyed in ..
Rue Morgue
Deep, dark and sultry, Rue Morgue is a semi solid tonal colorway that moves from dark and rich ca..
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Sand Dollar
Sand Dollar is a beautiful softly variegated set of barely there colors of pale neutral tans and ..
Sea Pearls
Sea Pearls is a beautiful soft colorway of pale silver and sand, driftwood, pale shell pink and b..
Seagull Merino Yarn
Seagull is a lovely beach themed yarn and has predominant colors of smokey grey, in medium to dar..
Seance was created for a custom color for myself, but it's so beautiful that I had to offer it fo..
Shea Butter Soap
My Shea Butter soap contains 5% naturally crushed shea butter. This soap appears whiter than the ..