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Midnight Yarn Club April Season 4 Club Yarn
April's Walking Dead Club skein features Carol and Lizzie in a skein inspired by soft colors of s..
Midnight Yarn Club Bloody Mary
October's selection for the Midnight Yarn Club, Bloody Mary. I dare you to hold this yarn in fron..
Midnight Yarn Club January Season 1 Collage Yarn
The January club selection was inspirationally dyed using colors from two season 1 photos. I used..
Midnight Yarn Club Jigsaw
Jigsaw carries the colors of jet black, dark to light tones of red and med to light tan. This yar..
Midnight Yarn Club June Season 6 Club Yarn
June's colorway contains shades of green, silvery sand, blues, tans brown and white. Availabl..
Midnight Yarn Club March Season 3 Club Yarn
The Midnight Yarn Club Season 3 was inspired by the colors of Rick, Maggie Carl and Judith. I..
Midnight Yarn Club Vampyre
Vampyre is an inspirationally dyed colorway of predominant shades of deep chestnut brown, black, ..
Midnight Yarn Club Werewolf
Werewolf is the May selection for the Midnight Yarn Club. Colors inspired by fan art, dyed in sha..
Midnight Yarn Club Witches
This is the Midnight Yarn Club offering for August, "Witches". Inspired by the colors in fan art,..
Negan & Lucille
Negan & Lucille, dyed in many shades of black, charoal gray, silver, dark reds, golden tans a..
Penny For Your Thoughts
Inspired by the Governor's daughter Penny,  "Penny For Your Thoughts" carries colors of choc..
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Pookie Knitting Dead Fandom Yarn
Pookie is Daryl & Carol's yarn inspired by Season 4. We were so inspired bythe colors that we..
This yarn is dyed to order. Get your colorful mojo on with Vodou, a swirling mystical variega..
Walking The Walkers
This yarn is dyed to order. Walking The Walkers, a zombie inspired third selection colorway f..