Patterns On Ravelry Featuring Bohemia Fiber Yarns

We have many talented designers that have created patterns featuring our yarns. We love to see our yarn used with creativity and we thank the designers for honoring us by using our yarns in their projects.

Below are links to the patterns. Some of these patterns are free and some can be purchased on Ravelry from the designers for a nominal fee.

Voodoo You Love Me by Susan Claudino

Zombie Vixen by Susan Claudino

Dandy Sir Cephalod by Susan Claudino

Backwood Mitts by Susan Claudino

Arrow Mitts by Katherine Belczak Designs

Forever My Friend by Valerie Whitten

Forever With Hope by Sharon Whelan

Broken by Rachel Henry

Levade by Rachel Henry

Daryl Knitted Crossbow Of Hope by Sandra Villanueva

Hourglass Top by Ashley Jones

Crescent by Lauren Irving

Just A Little More Mitts by Lauren Irving

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